Kansas City Chiefs

Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes run-game, RPO drills from Thursday practice

Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes is practicing for the second consecutive day on Thursday following his high ankle sprain suffered in the AFC divisional round.

Mahomes spoke to media members on Thursday afternoon, explaining that he felt the first practice went better than he expected. Now, he’s out on the practice field getting some more work in ahead of the AFC Championship Game against the Cincinnati Bengals.

In the brief portion of practice open to media members, NFL Network’s James Palmer caught a glimpse of Mahomes doing some run drills and RPO drills.

Check it out:

By the looks of it, Mahomes is looking pretty spry despite the high ankle sprain. Mahomes cautioned, however, that there’s not much that the social media doctors can glean from a video.

“Yeah, I mean no one knows unless they actually get to put their hands on it and see it,” Mahomes said of his ankle injury on Thursday. “All I can do is prepare my body the best way possible. I mean, I’ve seen the videos and everything like that of me walking. I don’t know what you can really get from me walking. But I think people will see on Sunday where I’m at and I think I’ll see on Sunday where I am at. I’m just going to prepare my body the best way during the week to be in the best position possible.”

Take it as an encouraging sign or with a grain of salt, but know that Mahomes is doing everything possible to get himself prepared for Sunday.

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