Kansas City Chiefs

Fans troll Bills after latest trade with Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs found an unlikely partner to trade up with in the first round of the 2024 NFL draft on Thursday night.

The Buffalo Bills became Kansas City’s suitor for the No. 32 pick, trading their No. 28 selection and swapping three other choices with the Chiefs to make the Day 1 deal work.

Though both teams have been fierce postseason competitors in the past, Thursday’s move was reminiscent of another consequential trade that altered the course of both franchises.

In 2017, Buffalo swapped its No. 10 selection with Kansas City in a deal that landed the Chiefs two-time MVP Patrick Mahomes.

Fans of both teams were relentless in trolling the Bills on Thursday night, calling back to the Mahomes trade that ultimately led to the Chiefs’ dominance over Buffalo in the playoffs.

Take a look at what the Bills’ social media team had to deal with when the latest trade was announced:

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