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HC Andy Reid talks Patrick Mahomes getting Odell Beckham Jr a potential weapon on the KC Chiefs


Odell Beckham Jr has left the league with a wide open dilemma. He’s recovering from a torn ACL, but he’s also creating some hype in the NFL. As the dates approach, the level of anticipation also rises. Recently, several speculations linked OBJ to the Kansas City Chiefs. Andy Reid recently commented on the situation and added more fuel to the fire.

The free agent wide receiver visited a few games as he remains on the free agency market. He made waves as his move to the NFL has yet to be witnessed. Plus, plenty of teams are under the rumor mill’s radar, and the Chiefs are among them. Reports pegged them as strong contenders. While Andy Reid didn’t hold back on a direct answer, he didn’t rule out the possibility.

Andy Reid mentioned, “I can’t get into all that. He’s a great football player, I can tell you that. I don’t know where he’s at in terms of his rehab and all that. I don’t really know what the (general manager) is (doing) Brett (Veach) Brett is always maneuvering.

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Odell Beckham Jr.’s cryptic tweet sends the NFL world into a whirlwind of speculation about the future of the Star WR

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Keep your eyes open for everything. At my position, I’m like (forward moves) focused on what I’m doing and trying to get the team ready to play with the guys we have. I’m not going to disrespect (OBJ), he’s a good football player.” Added.

According to reports, it all started with rumors after Travis Kelce’s contract went through a restructuring. TE Kelce and his brother fueled the fire on their weekly podcast, including the athlete expressing optimism that GM Brett Veach would be interested in acquiring OBJ.

The famous sportswriter claimed that Odell Beckham Jr is the key to the Chiefs success

The Kansas City Chiefs are coming off one of their best games of the season so far. They are 4-2 and have a big target on their back heading into Week 7. The 49ers are rebounding well and also have new offensive weapons at the position. For the Chiefs, their loss to the Bills was a tough one. Also, it looks like they could use some help in the receiver division. Even Stephen A Smith thinks the same.

On ESPN’s “First Take,” Stephen A. Smith stated the The Chiefs need OBJ to capture the Super Bowl this season. He felt that way before he dropped Tyreek Hill. Although Odell Beckham Jr. he is not yet on that scale, he has the potential to achieve something positive when he has access to his mobility.

Will OBJ come to Kansas City and match up with the Chiefs? It is subject to testimony.