Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs 2024 schedule and tickets

The Kansas City Chiefs will face the Baltimore Ravens on September 5, a highlight of their 2024 season. The Chiefs’ full NFL schedule is listed below, and we’ve provided information on tickets too.

Chiefs 2024 Schedule

Week 1 vs. Ravens

Week 2 vs. Bengals

Week 3 at Falcons

Week 4 at Chargers

Week 5 vs. Saints

Week 7 at 49ers

Week 8 at Raiders

Week 9 vs. Buccaneers

Week 10 vs. Broncos

Week 11 at Bills

Week 12 at Panthers

Week 13 vs. Raiders

Week 14 vs. Chargers

Week 15 at Browns

Week 16 vs. Texans

Week 17 at Steelers

Week 18 at Broncos

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