Patrick Mahomes

Mahomes turns to football for good after Euro 2024 experience

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes seems to have found a new love while on vacation in Europe. While showing his support for the Kansas City Royals, he has also taken a liking to the UEFA Euro 2024 soccer tournament In a recent tweet, he expressed his newfound passion for the tournament, saying: “I know I’m late! But watching the Euros in Europe made me a lifelong fan of the tournament!!”

This is not the first time that Mahomes has been associated with football. His wife, Brittany Mahomes, is a former soccer player who played the sport throughout her high school and college career. Despite not playing anymore, she is dedicated to promoting women’s soccer in America.

The Mahomes family has actively contributed to the development of women’s football. In 2022, they bought a stake Current KC and helped the team land a $117 million stadium, making them the first team in the NWSL to own their own stadium. This movement has been instrumental in improving the grassroots structures of women’s soccer and in promoting women’s sports across America.

Mahomes expands sports interests beyond the NFL

As to Patrick Mahomes, his enthusiasm for the UEFA Euros 2024 tournament was evident when he witnessed the intense semi-final match between Spain and France. The party experienced remarkable moments, with a 16-year-old Spanish sensation Lamine Yamal scoring an incredible goal to equalize for his team. Mahomes must have been enthralled by all the action on the field.

It’s clear that Mahomes’s connection to football goes beyond being a spectator. His marriage to a former footballer and his involvement in promoting women’s football demonstrates his genuine interest in the sport. His tweet about becoming a lifelong UEFA Euros 2024 fan reflects his newfound passion for football, which is a refreshing change from his usual football endeavours.

While Mahomes continues to enjoy his European vacation, it’s clear that his love for sports extends beyond American football. Their support of football and their dedication to the promotion of women’s football highlights their commitment to making a positive impact on the world of sport.