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NFL Week 10 Draftkings Advice

Quietbow’s Calls –  NFL WEEK 10 DRAFTKINGS – 

What up everyone, Onto week 10! Let’s win some $$!


(Do want to note this article is posted mid-week. Injuries/inactive could change things. Focusing on DraftKing’s main “Sunday slate” games. So you won’t see TNF, SNF, MNF, plays) 


Week – 9 – Recap: Basically everyone’s lineups came Into a CMC/Cook/Samuel’s build. If you faded Cook and Stacked up DET/OAK or TB/SEA you should of been alright. 



Overview:  Our main focus this week will be ARI/TB and I’m a little afraid so is everyone else. How you approach that this week will determine a lot. So let’s start there. 

My top 4 stacks: 

J.Winston- ($6.8k)  Couldn’t ask for a better matchup for a super pass-happy offense than the Arizona Cardinals. There are a ton of stats to back all of this up. Just know Winston is 1st in line to the crab buffet this Sunday.

#1. Winston w/ R.Jones, Godwin, bring back Kirk

  • I personally prefer this way to approach the game. I don’t think a lot will stack Winston with Jones, and Godwin has flopped last two weeks but Evans draws Peterson this week. Maybe the “public” won’t catch on to that and chase Evans. 

#2. Winston with Godwin, Evan’s, bring back with DJ or Fitz. 

  • Basically the I can’t decide which receiver to go with so play both, feel you need to get a little different on the bring back with DJ or Fitz. 

#3. Winston with Godwin, R.Jones No bring back. 

  •  Arizona will spread the ball out, you don’t have to do a bring back on this game, instead stack another high scoring game around this.

K.Murray  ($6.5k) So if we love TB side of the ball we have to like Murray’s too. TB is #1 in run D. So Murray is gonna have to pass all game, TB held D. Henry under 100 and Carson to no TDs but he hit over 100. Russ had to throw all day to keep up last week, rinse, repeat with Murray. So let’s stack it up. 

#1 Murray w/ Fitz, Kirk, bring back with Godwin. 

  • Pairing his top two receivers makes a lot of sense, Larry worries me a hair. 

#2 Murray, w/ DJ, Kirk, bring back Godwin. 

  • DJ is 5.7k on DK this weekend let that sink in. Horrible matchup but if ARI can use him as a WR role paired with Kirk in an LU provides some upside. If I had to guess DJ is gonna be low owned. Strike while the irons hot. Remember DJ can ball out. 

#3 Murray, w/ no paring.

  • Murray spread the ball to 10 different pass catchers last week, you could very easily just play him naked this week.

D.Brees- ($6.7k) One of my favorite stacks to play I have seen it win some serious $$$ over the years. Great matchup at home vs ATL. Ryan is in a similar situation as Winston above going against a pass funnel D in the Saints. Which is a WIN-WIN no matter which side you’re on. 

#1 Brees, Kamara, Thomas, bring back pick one (Hooper, Ridley, R.Gage) 

  • Saints offense bleeds thru these 3 guys. Far as Atlanta goes pick any 3 there all.in good game.flow. Julio is too pricey for this to work and Marsh Latimore will be shadowing.

#2 Brees, Kamara, T. Smith, bring back Hooper 

  • T.Smith has been fully healthy since week 1, he has had two monster games in the Superdome, so I like this pair on the cheap. Hooper would be the ideal candidate to bring back here but you could also not and stack two players from another game.

Patrick Mahomes-($7k) HE IS STARTING THIS WEEK! Play Mahomes this week at low ownership.

  • Pair Mahomes w/ Hill, Kelce, Watkins this week, pick 2. This is the first week all season all his offensive weapons have been healthy as well. As we like to say around here “SHOW ME THE MONEY MAHOMES.”


Others to consider: 

A.Rodgers: w/ A.Jones and D.Adams

L.Jackson- w/ Ingram, M, Andrew’s 

J.Geoff: w/ Kupp, Woods, Everett

Games to Focus on this week: ARI/TB, NO/ATL, KC/TEN, GB/CAR