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Quietbow’s Calls –  NFL WEEK 11 DRAFTKINGS – 

What up everyone, Onto week 11! Let’s win some $$!


(Do want to note this article is Focusing on DraftKing’s main “Sunday slate” games. So you won’t see TNF, SNF, MNF, plays) 


Week – 10 – Recap: Kirk, Thomas, R.Jones, T.HIll where your main builds that paid off well. Personally I went with a Mahomes, Murray, Brees stack. Profited $600 on the week but what will be hard to forget is editing my Mahomes lineup a hair to get in a Chiefs RB due to Shady being inactive. In doing so I missed out on a $95,000 day and a trip to the FFWC, but hey there is always next week. You gotta have a short memory in DFS.


Overview:  There are a few games to pick pieces out of this week. I like to focus on HOU/BAL this week with my Main lineups.  Games to focus on this week, HOU/BAL, ATL/CAR, NO/TB, CIN/OAK, SF/ARI, PHI/NE

My top 3 stacks: 

L.Jackson- ($7.7k) Pair with M.Andrews, N.Boyle, M.Brown

  • PICK ONE of the players listed above to pair with Jackson, he only throws to Brown and his two TE’s. You don’t need two with him. Lamar can also be played naked with no pairing. 
  • Jackson is in a SMASH spot against HOU this week! Strangely I think everyone has forgotten how bad HOU is on D. JJ Watt/Clowney are gone, issues in the secondary. Im personally projecting him around 10% which blows my mind. 300 yard pass and 100 yard rush are in play as well.


D.Watson  ($6.8k) Pair with D.Hopkins, W.Fuller (if he plays), K.Stills, D.Johnson 

  • Watson can be paired with two players this week and bring back from Baltimore that is listed above.  You can go two ways, Nuk + Still or Nuk + Duke, personally I don’t see Fuller playing but you can if he does. 
  • Watson is gonna have to keep up in this one. We could be looking at a ceiling game. We don’t shy away from Mahomes against Baltimore, why would we stop here with Watson, he is pretty f’n good at football also.



T.Brady($6.4k) Pair with Edleman, Sanu, White. 

  • Brady can be paired with two players this weekend or just one, but the three listed above are you pairings.
  • Brady is in play this week against the pass funnel D in the Eagles. He’s pretty much a lock for 2 TD, 270 this week. Coming off a bye week I would expect a big outing here.
  • Bonus secret play this weekend on your Brady stacks: Bring it back with M.Sanders at 4.1k

Also Consider: Jameis Winston ($6.5k)

  • Let me just say this, M. Lattimore is out this weekend. PJ Williams is gonna have to cover M.Evans. Saints are a Pass Funnel. At home and all TB does is pass to 2 guys. Godwin and Evans. Pick your poison there or play both if you can figure it out. If you wanna get cute, Perriman and Howard are in play. M.Thomas is the prefered bring back. Everyone else from NO is dead to me.

Cheat Sheet: AKA my favorite plays:

RB: CMC, Cook, J.Jacobs, B.Hill, T.Coleman (if Bridea is out), L.Fournette, M.Sanders

WR: M.Thomas, Evans, Godwin, Edleman, DJ Moore, Sanu, T.Boyd, D.Westbrook, R.Gage, K.Bourne (if Sanders is out)

TE: Waller, Dwelly, Boyle

DST: Pats, Ravens, Arizona