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NFL Week 7 Draftkings Advice

Quietbow’s Calls –  NFL WEEK 7 DRAFTKINGS – 

What up everyone, Onto week 7! Let’s win some $$!


(Do want to note this article is posted mid-week. Injuries/inactive could change things. Focusing on DraftKing’s main “Sunday slate” games. So you won’t see TNF, SNF, MNF, plays) 


Week – 6 – Recap: “missed opportunity ” if you listened to our pod I was high on Cousins and Diggs. Very close to having to nuts. Overlooked chubb but the rest of our plays were pretty spot on. 



Overview: Top tier guys are in the best matchups but I like the mid-tier this week as well. 

My top 3:

J.Allen- ($6.5k) Coming off a bye fully healthy to take on a high school team in Miami. I love playing Allen in great matchups. Great rushing upside and stacking with Brown this week. 

D.Watson-  ($7k) Colts secondary is beaten up and we should see another big day from Watson. The one question is will the Colts run a lot forcing Watson to watch from the sidelines. This play will cost the most money too. Expect a shootout regardless. 

L.Jackson- ($6.8k) Similar matchup last week. Seattle is bleeding points to RB’s. Lamar’s rushing upside is in play and arm. Seattle will be able to keep up which will keep Lamar in-game flow all game. 

Secondary plays:  

J.Brissett– ($5.6k) Great O-Line and his WR’s have great matchups. Love a stack here with TY. 

D.Jones – ($6.4k) Anyone vs Arizona. Saqoun could be back opening up the passing game as they focus on him. It’s a win-win for Jones. Stack with Engram/Shepard or Tate depending on injuries. 

K.Murray– ($5.2k) Giants D is getting better but there secondary is still weak. It should be a high scoring game. Don’t mind going here stack with Fitz/DJ


Low Owned Stacks with upside: (high risk)

R.Tannehill ($4.8k) Dirt cheap, former 1st round pick getting the start. I like this punt to pair with Walker/Davis




Overview: A lot of great matchups across the board 

Top Tier: 

Saquon: ($8.9k) – If he plays, man o man you couldn’t ask for a better matchup. Pay up and move on. 

D.Cook: ($8k) A great play every week. Detroit got gashed by Jones and William’s. Cook is gonna eat this week. 25+ touches. Might be the last week we get him under 8k. 

D.Johnson: ($7.8k) High paced offense against a soft Dline in NY. Sign me up great floor/ceiling combo this week. Should be involved regardless of game flow. 


M.Ingram : ($6.6k) Seattle is not good at stopping the run or screen game. Small concern is splitting touches and Lamar’s rushing upside


L.Fournette: ($7k) Amazing matchup against CIN. 25 touches incoming. Smash spot for Fournette here and game-flow in his favor. Expect a big game from him. 

C.Carson: ($6.5k) Week after week he produces. Baltimore is not as good as you think against the run. If Penny is out again Sea will pound Carson down Baltimore. 

M.Mack: ($6k) Anyone behind that line can run, love Mack in this spot. Expect Houston to run a lot to keep Watson on the sidelines similar to what they did against KC. 

D.Henry: ($5.8k) Chargers so beat up on D. Conner just gashed them and next up is Henry. Big game in coming here with a new QB there gonna lean on Henry big time. I’d expect a 25 touch game. Great price too. 

A.Jones/J.Williams:($7.1k/$4.9k) Normally I avoid timeshares but they’re playing Oakland. I like the savings with Williams personally, Jones is pretty expensive. 


Low Tier:

Some lower-priced guys that will see some volume:

J.Jacobs: ($5k) There gonna feed him 20+ against GB soft Dline. I foresee a nice day for Jacob’s on the ground as long as they can stay in the game with GB. 

F.Gore: ($5.2k) – Anyone vs Miami. Huge Narrative for Gore. Born in Miami, played college there and played for the Dolphins in 2018. Sign me up. 

C.Edmonds: ($4.6k) if DJ is out or limited fire up Edmonds in a great matchup. 




Overview: Mid-range dominates this week with the top 3 bot in the best matchups other than Nuk. I think as of now your money is best spent on RBs. 

High Tier:

J.Jones/M.Thomas: ($8k/$7.9k) I’m only listing them because they are amazing receivers talent-wise no matter the matchup. I doubt they will be very owned since they garnish tough matchups

D. Hopkins:($7.8k) One of these weeks he is gonna smash. Why not this week against the backups of IND. I have him #1 over the other two I just listed if I had to pick one. 

D.Adams: ($7.6k) Here’s the play this week up top. First, he has to be cleared from injury.  If he is Rodgers will pepper him with targets. Allison should be out and Oakland can’t guard anyone. I could see a 13+ reception game if he plays. 

Mid Tier:

K.Cupp ($7.4k) Laid a goose egg on us last week, perfect time to go right back to him Especially against ATL. Great play this week. 

K.Allen: ($6.7k) Below 7k and smash spot against TEN. Chargers should be on the field a lot of TEN can’t sustain drives with Ryan T. Rivers will look his way a lot, also coming off sub-par performances keeping his ownership low. 

S.Diggs: ($6.3k) Back to the well with Diggs we go. Slay should be on Thielen opening up things for Diggs. Do note it’s not the best matchup this week for either Vikings WRs but who cares there both great and the ball doesn’t go to anyone else. 

W.Fuller: ($6.2k) Dropped 3tds last week. He should be running free again this week. Fire him up against IND. He probably catches them this week. 

Larry Fitzgerald: ($6.1k) Gets one of the best matchups on the board going against NYG. Murrey will look to Fitz all game regardless, he is always in play. 

T.Y Hilton:($5.9k) Here we go, its TY week. Houston’s CB are ranked really low in the NFL and Brissett will have all the time in the world to find TY. At home on the turf. I really like this play this week especially at 5.9k

G.Tate/S.Shepard:($5.8k/$5.7k) Anyone vs Arizona. Play the receiver who is in the slot. Keep an eye on injury with Shepard. 

T.Byod: ($5.6k) Ramsey just got traded. This raises my interest in Boyd this week


Low Tier:

D.Westbrook: ($4.9k) Back to the well again this week, great matchup against CIN who can’t stop anyone. 

A.Tate: ($4.5k) Getting the volume still while AJ. Green is out. Very talented receiver going against a Ramsey-less secondary 

D.Pettis: ($4.1k) Emerging as the #1 WR in SF. Played a high amount of snaps and getting the 2nd most targets behind Kittle. Debo is questionable if he misses it bumps Pettis. 

T.Gabriel:($3.9k) If he plays and is playing in the slot (I need to look into this) Great cheap play going against PJ. William’s

A.Lazard:($3k) There is no denial that Rodgers had chemistry with him last week. If Adam’s, Allison are out Lazard becomes a great 3k punt. 


Overview: The top 4 guys are really the only plays and that’s where everyone will be going. 


E.Engram:($6.5k) Next up on the Arizona flow chart. Get him in your lineups. 

M.Andrews:($4.9k) Jackson’s favorite target is in a great spot vs Sea. Love the pairing with him and his QB this week. 

A.Hooper:($5.3k) Having a great year and in a funnel situation against the Rams who will lock down Julio. He produces week after week. 

H.Henry:($4k) Great price coming back after a big game. Rivers loves his tight ends. 

Low Tier: 

D.Knox: ($3.3k) decent volume for the price. Playing Miami you couldn’t ask for a better matchup and a great stack with Allen. 



Top Tier: 

49ers: ($4.1k) 2nd best D in football gaming against Washington. Sign me up. 

Bears: ($3k) Great D at home against Teddy B. 


Colts:($2k) At home, Texans Oline is bad. Good punt. 

Miami:($1.5k) at home. Like this play this week to help you jam in the studs. 


About me:

On Draftking I go by quietbow. I consider myself a semi-pro DFS player especially when it comes to NFL. I have been playing DFS for 4+ years and an FFWC qualifier. I’ve won a handful of GPP’s over the years and feel I bring my best advice to single entry/3-max players. My slate breakdown will be geared towards GPP’s and my playstyle which ranged from 3-6 LU’s every week in the main slate.