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NFL Week 8 Draftkings Advice

Quietbow’s Calls –  NFL WEEK 8 DRAFTKINGS – 

What up everyone, Onto week 8! Let’s win some $$!


(Do want to note this article is posted mid-week. Injuries/inactive could change things. Focusing on DraftKing’s main “Sunday slate” games. So you won’t see TNF, SNF, MNF, plays) 


Week – 7 – Recap: “have Aaron Rodgers week? ” pretty much everything you thought would happen the complete opposite happened. Need to keep that in mind going forward. 




My top 3:

J.Allen- ($6.5k) Anyone playing against the Eagles secondary I’m in. Plus rushing upside. Pair Allen with J.Brown. 

D.Watson-  ($7.1k) Oakland should be able.to hang, keeping a positive game flow. Plus Oaklands secondary ranks low. Stack with Nuk/Stills or Keke. 

K.Murray- ($6.2k) Both Saints CBs are out and there run D is good. Murray is in play for that reason. Stack with Fitz/Byrd. 

Secondary plays:  

J.Brissett– ($5.6k) Solid play every week. Denver wont be able to move the ball. Creating a lot of opportunity for the Brisket. Stack w/ TY or Z.Pascal and Ebron. 

M.Stafford – ($6.1k) Home matchup vs the G-men. Plus K.Johnson is on IR. I feel like they will rely on Staffords arm. Stack w/ Golladay. 


Low Owned Stacks with upside: (high risk)

M.Trubisky – ($4.9k) Feels like a smash spot for him. Couldn’t ask for a better bounce back spot than LAC 

R.Tannehill ($5.1k) Back to Tanny. He did well for me last week,.so here we are again with a better matchup.vs TB. Stack with Davis/Brown. 




Overview: A lot of great matchups across the board 

Top Tier: 

Saquon: ($8.9k) – One of the best backs in football. Detroit ranks bottom 25 against the run and the Giants are 8th in running offence. 

CMC: ($9.2k) Anytime he’s on the slate we are gonna play him. Doesn’t matter the matchup.  

Honorable mention based on matchup: Gurley, Fournette, Carson. 

Mid tier:

M.Mack : ($6.1k) Denver has given up, there Oline will smash Denver’s front. 20+ game for Mack. 

A.Ekler: ($5.9k) Just keep feeding Ekler, great gameflow spot whether his is winning or losing. Love this spot for him. 

J.Jacobs: ($5.8k) Better matchup this week than last. Heavy usage regardless of gameflow. Watch injury status 

L.Murray: ($5.8k) Anyone vs ARI, Saints have. a great O line also. Just check on Kamaras status. If Kamara is in you can pivot up to Henry. 

S.Michel: ($5.2k) Love this matchup and gameflow plus the volume. Great pair with Pat’s D. 

N.Chubb: ($6.6k) Crazy play, but he will be less than 2% owned. Has the worst matchup but he will see volume regardless.  I credit Kyke for this one. 

Low Tier:

Some lower-priced guys that will see some volume:

J.White: ($5.1k) Due for some TD regression. Involved heavily in the pass game. NE owes him a TD

Ty Johnson.: ($4.9k) – Starting against the Giants in a run first offence. 

T.Cohin: ($4.9k) Gut call he has a big game, great stack with Tribisky. 




Overview: There are alot of value guys in play this week. 

High Tier:

M.Thomas: ($8k) Only if Brees draws the start, Thomas then becomes big time in play. 

D. Hopkins:($8.1k) Going against OAK he should see a massive target game with Fuller out. If you can afford him, lock him in. 

C.Kupp: ($7.5k) Couldn’t ask for a better matchup for Cupp than CIN. Pair with Goeff. 

Mid Tier:

C.Godwin: ($7.1k) Always in play every week. The true #1 receiver on TB. 

J.Edelman: ($6.9k) Volume monster,  safe play but gameflow could lean towards a more run game. 

K.Golladay: ($6.4k) Back to the well with Golladay after burning us last week. Stack with Stafford. 

Ty. Hilton: ($6.1k) #1 target on IND, denver has given up, love the stack with Brisset. 

Larry Fitzgerald: ($5.4k) Saints CB are non existent this week. Fitz will eat. All Arizona’s WR’s are in play. 

J.Brown:($5.9k) Here we go, its Smoky week. Best matchup on the board. Lock in a TD. Pair with Allen. 


C.Sutton: ($5.3k) Sanders is out,  who else are they gonna throw to. Could be looking at a monster target game. 


Low Tier: (im just gonna list my favorite’s)







A.J. Brown







(No particular order, there all seeing volume and will help you fit the studs. Take a shot on cheap WR’s this week. Stack them with the appropriate QB.)





Overview: Not a ton to like, Waller stands out as the best. 


D.Waller:($5.9k)NClear beat play but is getting pricey. 

G.Kittle:($6.5k) Will go very low owned this week. Great GPP play. 

Z.Ertz:($5.1k) Crazy underpriced for the talent and targets you get. 

H.Henry:($4.9k) Tough matchup but if Allen is out could pay off. 

E.Ebron: ($3.4k) Brissett starting to look his way alot, love the play and price. 

Low Tier: 

D.Knox: ($2.9k) decent volume for the price. Pair with Allen. 

T.J. Hokenson: ($3.5k) risky play but a great stack with Stafford this week. Will be really low owned. 



Top Tier: 

Patriots: ($4.3k) Don’t overthink this. If a 4.3k we, rb, te was gonna be getting 20-30 points you would play them in a heartbeat. Lock in NE! 

Rams: ($3.8k) If you can’t afford NE. 

49ers: ($3.7k) also if you cant afford NE. 


About me:

On Draftking I go by quietbow. I consider myself a semi-pro DFS player especially when it comes to NFL. I have been playing DFS for 4+ years and an FFWC qualifier. I’ve won a handful of GPP’s over the years and feel I bring my best advice to single entry/3-max players. My slate breakdown will be geared towards GPP’s and my playstyle which ranged from 3-6 LU’s every week in the main slate.