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Nick Sirianni says Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes amid best players on planet

Philadelphia Eagles HC Nick Sirianni knows that his defense will have its hands full facing off against Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes in Super Bowl LVII, even if he’s still not quite 100% in return from a high ankle sprain.

Mahomes’ uncanny ability to make plays, even on one leg, was on display for the whole world to see in the AFC Championship Game against the Cincinnati Bengals. During Super Bowl opening night, Sirianni was asked about what he’s seen from Mahomes on film that makes him think, ‘This guy is different.’ Sirianni was just as awestricken as the rest of us who watch “Mahomes Magic” occur on a weekly basis.

“Yeah, about every play he makes,” Sirianni said. “He’s obviously very special. (A) special football player, (a) special playmaker. He does things that you watch and you go — you just kind of shake your head because of how special he is. And so we’re gonna have to be on (top of) it and have everything we got to contain him because we know how good of a football player he is.”

What’s been particularly special about Mahomes during the 2022 NFL season is how he’s managed to evolve his game with a different group of receivers. As a former wide receivers coach, Sirianni was asked if it surprised him that Mahomes performed so well after the Chiefs traded away Tyreek Hill. Sirianni said he wasn’t surprised in the slightest.

“He’s one of the best players on the planet for a reason,” Sirianni said. “It doesn’t surprise me one bit. We know how good Tyreek Hill is as a football player. We know how good Patrick Mahomes is as a football player. They both had phenomenal years this year. I think it speaks highly to both of them how good of years they had without each other. So credit to the other receivers that stepped up for the Chiefs and the quarterback for the Dolphins with Tua.”

It’s clear that the Eagles’ head coach won’t be doing any underestimating of the Chiefs’ star quarterback ahead of Super Bowl LVII.

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