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Patrick Mahomes learned about Xavier Worthy pick while at ‘Time’ gala

The NFL Draft war rooms for every team in the league are constantly busy with different scenarios being assessed throughout the night. The Kansas City Chiefs’ room, led by general manager Brett Veach, always evaluates talent and takes suggestions from his franchise quarterback.

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes attended the annual Time Magazine Time100 Gala in New York City to celebrate his inclusion on the cover. The iconic event didn’t take the three-time Super Bowl champion’s attention away from his team and the in-progress draft.

“I think he was at a gala night in New York,” Veach explained. “He called me and said, ‘Hey, good luck. I’ll be in New York, but I got my phone on.’ I think [he] was pretty quiet most of the night, think right around pick 20 [or] 21. He said, Hey, how’s it looking? You know, what are we thinking?

“I guess, 30 to 45 minutes later, I think, when we actually confirmed the trade with the league before we turned it in, I shot him a text and said ‘I think we’re gonna be on the clock here soon’ and told him the pick. So he [sent] a thumbs-up emoji and was excited.”

Worthy has been in contact with Mahomes well before this weekend’s draft, as he revealed after the Combine that the reigning Super Bowl MVP congratulated him on his record-breaking 40-yard dash time. Veach assumed Mahomes spoke with Worthy while in New York City.

“I’m sure they already touched base and talked already,” Veach said. “He was a guy that, obviously, being from Texas, Pat knew all about. He knows a lot about a lot of players, but he was certainly excited.”

The Chiefs are adding more firepower to their offense, and once again, another player from Texas captured Mahomes’s attention well before he’s put on a Kansas City jersey.

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