Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes Shares His Favorite Thanksgiving Sides and If Brittany Got the Food She Craved

It’s that time of year when families all over America gather for Thanksgiving and that includes many NFL players. While some teams play during the holiday, the Kansas City Chiefs don’t, so Patrick Mahomes will be enjoying Thanksgiving dinner with his family this year.

During a recent radio interview, the quarterback revealed what his favorite dishes are.

Patrick reveals his favorite side dishes

The caller joined Audacy’s 610 Sports Radio show the unit in Kansas City for his weekly guest spot and with the holidays right around the corner, he was asked the burning question of what dishes he likes best.

“So, I saw a map and it said rolls are the favorite side on the Missouri side and creamed corn is the favorite Thanksgiving side on the Kansas side,” host Carrington Harrison previously said of asking the athlete which is his favorite side.

“Man, there’s so many. I like to mix them all up,” replied Patrick, adding, “Anytime you can throw in some mashed potatoes, some sweet potatoes, and some mac and cheese, you can’t go wrong.” .

The quarterback reveals if Brittany got the pizza she was craving

Staying on the topic of food, but turning to Patrick’s wife, Brittany, the unit The host asked if he ever received the pizza he had been tweeting about the day before.

Patrick confirmed: “She got her pizza. She wasn’t very happy. I got it like two hours after I ordered it, and when you have a pregnant woman at home and she doesn’t get her food, she’s never going to be happy. I’m glad that he finally got it. We had someone run to the store and bring it to him.”

And when it comes to what kind of pizza the family likes best, Patrick revealed that he and his girlfriend differ in their topping preferences. “I’m just a traditional pepperoni guy. That’s who I am,” he said. “I’ve got honey in there if I’m feeling a little spicy.Brittany [likes] mushrooms, so we had to get two completely different pizzas. I can not [put] mushrooms on my pizza.”

When his second child is born

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Brittany’s pregnancy wishes may last a little longer as they will be welcoming their baby soon.

In May, Patrick and Brittany revealed they were expecting their second child. The following month they had a housewarming party and found out they were having a boy. The little one is due in early 2023. Brittany has already talked about having another child before the current NFL season ends.

“It’s crazy to think that football starts and before it’s over we’ll have two kids,” she said. he tweeted with a teary-eyed and red heart emoji.

The couple’s daughter, Sterling Skye, was born on February 20, 2021.