Patrick Mahomes

Rich Eisen Defender Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes in Viral Rant –

There’s been quite a bit of downplaying of Patrick Mahomes’ abilities since the end of the 2021-22 season.

Former Kansas City Chiefs receiver Tyreek Hill was at the forefront of this, as he claimed that Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa is more accurate than Mahomes. Then another former Chiefs receiver, Sammy Watkins, said that Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is on “a whole other level” than Mahomes.

NFL Network host Rich Eisen has heard enough of the slander thrown at Mahomes and went on a rant about the greatness of Kansas City’s star QB while hosting The Rich Eisen Show.

“But I cannot believe the slagging that had taken place, and, on occasion, the downright disrespect that has been thrown in terms of shade at Patrick Mahomes,” Eisen said on August 26.

Eisen went on to quote an article from The Athletic this summer in which one anonymous NFL defensive coordinator claimed that Mahomes plays “streetball,” which is why he believes Mahomes is not a top-tier NFL quarterback.

“You remember in the Super Bowl (Super Bowl LV) he’s running for his life when the pocket is gone. Streetball almost damn near kept them in the game and won it if he could make a couple of those plays. A couple of those throws — streetball throws — he hit guys in the hands, talk about accuracy. They couldn’t pull them in.”

Eisen Puts Mahomes’ Greatness in Clear Lens

Eisen went on to explain the greatness of Mahomes in comparison to his predecessors in Kansas City.

“Len Dawson — may he rest in peace, he just passed away — best quarterback the Chiefs had had until [Joe] Montana showed up, and then he was clearly not the Montana of San Francisco years, even though he did take them to a playoffs — deep into the playoffs — that they had not seen until Mahomes showed up,” Eisen said.

“On the spot, becoming one of the best to ever do it,” he continued. “The fastest of one of the best to do it. One of the best to ever do it in a way that is so incredibly jaw-dropping, difference-making, Madden cover-earning, kids love him…what’s happening?!”

Eisen closes out his rant by setting his expectation for Mahomes in 2022.

“I don’t get it. I don’t understand it. Maybe it’s the way America works — build them up to tear them down and then bring them back, makes it more of an interesting story that somebody who is so generationally brilliant out of the box. And this year everybody’s going to think that he’s going to take a step back. Man, I think this is a chip on his shoulder, I cannot wait to watch him cash in.”

Twitter Reacts to Eisen’s Mahomes Rant

Twitter users reacted to Eisen’s rant regarding Mahomes.

“Brady went 20 years and 7 superbowls and still got slander…it comes with the territory…nobody talks about it when someone says Mitchell trubisky isn’t good…but if 1 person half way across the world says it about mahomes it’s national news…its kind of funny,” one Twitter user wrote.

Thank you, @richeisen. I know I’m a homer, but I don’t know why you’d want to want to give him bulletin board material. I’ll take a QB that adapt when there’s no options any day over a guy that can only follow a plan,” another user wrote. 

“Thank you Rich. People just want to see good people fail. Want it so bad they will downplay what they have done and are doing. People like him because of what he is doing and a certain percentage of the population can’t handle that,” another user wrote.