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Start Me Up Week 1

Patrick “Showtime” Mahomes lit up the NFL last season. In his first year starting behind center, he led the Chiefs to the AFC Championship game and nearly took down Bill Belichick’s New England Patriots. He had a monster of a year that amounted to over 5,000 yards and 50 touchdowns, earning him the 2018 Most Valuable Player award and a countless number of fantasy football championships for those smart enough to draft him in their fantasy league. 

I assure you 2019 is going to be another massive year for Showtime. In fact, I believe, it’s going to be even greater than last year! You may say, “But he won the MVP! How could he possibly do any better?” I say, he is just gettin’ started! Showtime has his eyes set on only one thing… the Lombardi trophy. He has a year of league experience behind him and he has been training like a mad man with Bobby Stroupe, the founder of Athlete Performance Enhancement Center. Showtime is taking his mobility, stability, flexibility, and shoulder strength to the next level. He has also been muscling up to be able to absorb more blows. And let’s not forget, he is just now turning 24 (Sept. 17). He’s still growing! It will be a few more years before he physically matures, which is insane considering he can throw the ball 80 yards! Let me just say, it’s a good time to be a Chiefs fan.

Week 1, he has his eyes on Jacksonville. A team that held the reigning MVP to one touchdown on the ground and zero in the air last season. The Jags are known for their stout D, but Showtime has never been one to back down from a fight. And I for one, I believe Showtime’s coming out swinging! Look for Tyreek Hill to make an impact early. His off-field activities have caused some controversy in the offseason and my gut tells me he is going to use it as fuel for victory!