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Super Bowl LIV: Chiefs vs. 49ers

We’re going to Miami! Super Bowl LIV! It’s been fifty years since we’ve been in the Super Bowl and baby… we are back! Our last appearance was January 11th, 1970 with Lenny the Cool (1987 Hall of Fame inductee) behind center and the pioneer of prolific play calling, head coach Hank Stram (2003 Hall of Fame inductee), leading the Chiefs to a 23 – 7 victory over the Minnesota Vikings in Super Bowl IV.

Fifty years later, it’s the magic of Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid that we will be witnessing in Super Bowl LIV as they face the San Francisco 49ers and their punishing defense this Sunday. But like Stram’s and Dawson’s 1969 Chiefs, Reid and Mahomes find ways to pick apart the toughest of defenses. In fact, I believe Chiefs play best when facing tough defensive opponents. Look at the AFC Championship game, the same Titans defense that defeated Super Bowl champ New England Patriots just two weeks prior and playoffs favorite Baltimore Ravens the following week, was shredded by our boys. Mahomes was straight up sensational – throwing for 294 with 3 TDs and running for over 50 with a TD, in what was the greatest 27-yard scamper I’ve ever seen. Equally impressive was our defensive play making, holding the league’s leading rusher Derrick Henry to 69 total yards, only 7 of which that came in the second half. Final Score: Chiefs 35 Titans 24.

With ex-Chief Dee Ford and rookie standout Nick Bosa, the 49ers have one of the best pass rushing defenses in the league and they are going to lean heavily on it in an attempt to slow Mahomes down. Unfortunately for them, but fortunately for us, Mahomes is the greatest out-of-the-pocket passer that has ever played the game and tends to play even better when forced to use his legs… With this tidbit and the way our entire team has been playing the past several weeks, let’s just say I like our chances on Sunday.

Let’s talk DraftKings Super Bowl Showdown and Chiefs stack!

Patrick Mahomes (18900 CPTN) – as mentioned above, with the 49ers employing a heavy pass rush I anticipate Mahomes showing off his unmatched playmaking ability and creating more fantasy points in the process. When rostering Show-Me-The-Money Mahomes and his hefty price tag, your roster build is limited but in my opinion worth its limitations. Mahomes has the highest ceiling on the slate and very well may just burst right through it!

Tyreek Hill (11000 FLEX) – the cheetah is in the Super Bowl. We’ve seen his speed in games a lot less important than this, watch what he does on America’s biggest stage. San Francisco has trouble covering the deep ball and Tyreek Hill is the best deep ball receiver in the game.

Damien Williams (9800 FLEX) – Damien Williams returns to Miami and a football field he is familiar with, having spent the first four seasons of his career playing for the Miami Dolphins. In a game where I believe Mahomes will be forced out of the pocket and passing a great deal, I like the opportunities this creates for Williams and his pass catching ability.

Travis Kelce (9600 FLEX) – Kelce is a monster, is matchup proof, and always shines in the spotlight. There is no bigger spotlight than the Super Bowl. It’s going to be difficult to afford all of these studs, so you may need to make some tough choices when constructing your build. I most likely will go with a couple different lineups for the millie maker, one with Kelce and one without as I believe the Cheetah and Williams match up quite well with the 49ers D.

Go Chiefs!!