Kansas City Chiefs

Super Bowl LVIII hero Mecole Hardman appears as answer on “Jeopardy”

Even in the offseason, the Kansas City Chiefs can’t escape the national spotlight.

This week, Super Bowl LVIII hero Mecole Hardman made a television appearance in his most unconventional manner yet: As an answer on the popular game show Jeopardy.

Check out the interesting question that had Hardman as the answer, and see if you would have guessed it correctly:

While this was hardly Hardman’s biggest break of 2024, it was interesting to see the former Chief featured on a game show that isn’t known for throwing the names of NFL players around often.

Unfortunately, it didn’t seem like the contestants watched Kansas City’s resounding victory over the San Francisco 49ers in February, as the only guess was incorrect.

Hardman might not be a household name among the Jeopardy-watchers of the world, but his inclusion in this broadcast is sure to have those with eidetic memories on the lookout for more Chiefs references in the future.

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