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Super Bowl LIV Showdown Draftkings Advice

Quietbow’s Calls –  Super Bowl Showdown DRAFTKINGS – 

What’s up everyone, Let’s win some $$!


Overview: Showdowns are really about one thing, predicting game flow and let your lineup mirror your stance on how you feel the game goes. Usually, you wanna make a couple of lineups to cover your bases. These are also the slates where you will need to put in one or two random low % plays to separate yourself from the pack or you are just gonna be gridlocked with everyone. The money is there. Let’s get to it.

My game flow predictions:

  1. Chiefs Roll: This I personally feel is the way to go on this slate. SF isn’t gonna know what hits them. In this building, you will want to focus on 5 chiefs and 1 SF player. It doesn’t matter what SF player, just whoever fits in your stack. You will probably need to run Mahomes, Hill, Kelce, Williams in the Captain.
  2. Chiefs Force Jimmy G to beat them. This is a very likely scenario with how the Chiefs offensive operates. Due to salary constraints Try to put Jimmy G in the Captain, with 3-4 Chiefs on the bring back.
  3. Low scoring. If you listened to our pod I touched based on how the general public feels it’s going to be a high scoring game. If you make a lineup with 1 or 2 of the Defences, the running games, Kickers. You will separate yourself from the crowd. Play KC’s D in the Captain if you go this route, very good chance they feast.

My top 3 Captians’s: 

P.Mahomes- ($18.9k) He falls in the category on this showdown of almost being unfadeable. He has the best chance to post the most fantasy points of anyone. You’re not gonna be sneaky with Showtime in your captain but you can get creative elsewhere.

D. Williams  ($14.7k) Is the X-factor on Sunday. He always seems to show up in big games. Let’s go right back to it. Chiefs feature him in the passing game, goal-line, running game. I really like pairing him with Mahomes.

T.Kelce- ($14.4k) Mahomes’ favorite weapon. I’m gonna leave Tyreek outta my top 3, but if there was a fourth he would be. Kelce should feast on SF’s linebacker as the from 4 sell-out to the blitz. When Mahomes is scrambling he is at his best, and he is usually looking for Kelce.

These 3 I feel have the best chance to put up a 30 burger for your Captain Spot. KC offensive runs through these 3.

Flex: KC

  1. Tyreek Hill, Watkins, Hardman, D-Rob (listed by ownership %)
  2. Here’s the thing, any of these guys can go off any game. Mahomes does a very good job of spreading the ball around. Just play whoever fits. I like D-Rob this game since he will be the least owned and out targets Hardman.

Flex: SF

  1. Kittle, Bourne, Mohsert, Coleman, SF Kicker. Juszczyk.
  2. These are the only SF players I have interest in. KC shuts down opposing WR, but ill take a shot on Bourne. Kittle is just too talented but I’m not expecting a big game from him. I feel the RB’s still put up good points. Bold call Juszcyk to get a TD. Kyle Shanahan will do something like this in the SB.


Also consider:  Low owned difference makers. A. Sherman, Juszczyk, B.Bell, D.Thompson. These are just really low owned guys, pray you get a TD.

DK Projected Ownership

  • Patrick Mahomes – 75%
  • Tyreek Hill – 52%
  • Travis Kelce – 47%
  • Damien Williams – 45%
  • Jimmy Garoppolo – 43%
  • George Kittle – 42%
  • Raheem Mostert – 35%
  • Deebo Samuel – 34%
  • Sammy Watkins – 26%
  • Emmanuel Sanders – 25%
  • Tevin Coleman – 20%
  • Harrison Butker – 16%
  • Kendrick Bourne – 15%
  • Robbie Gould – 14%
  • Demarcus Robinson – 13%
  • Chiefs – 13%
  • Kyle Juszczyk – 12%
  • Mecole Hardman – 11%
  • Matt Breida – 11%
  • 49ers – 9.7%
  • Darwin Thompson – 9%
  • Blake Bell – 8%

Good Luck guys and GO CHIEFS!!!