Kansas City Chiefs

The Ultimate Tyreek Hill Patrick Mahomes Chiefs Comfort Post

By Jet Ainsworth

Patrick Mahomes passive-aggressively carrying Tyreek Hill & the Chiefs on his back on one victorious Sunday afternoon in Kansas City.

Random thoughts & observations that will make you feel more comfortable and maybe even fully healed emotionally from the deal that broke Nick Wright’s heart. Brett Veach and the Chiefs acquiring five draft picks from the Miami Marinos for…


Ugh. Fine. The Cheetah, Tyreek Hill.

Sunuva bi—-

Patrick Mahomes casually reminding Tyreek Hill that if he puts his hands in front of his facemask, he can avoid those richochet footballs off the helmet that happens to all of us sometimes. Or a league-leading number of times.

Hard to feel GOOD about it, because who knows what those picks become. But, this will make you feel better about it:

  1. Number of teams that have won a Superbowl with Tyreek Hill: 1
    Number of teams that have won a Superbowl without Tyreek Hill: All the rest of the teams.
  2. At over $28 million dollars, the Chiefs have the MOST cap space in the NFL.
  3. With 12 selections, including SIX in the first three rounds, the Chiefs have the MOST draft picks in the NFL.
  4. Since 2019 (Brett Veach’s first fully prepared draft), these are the Chiefs draft picks in the first three rounds of the NFL Draft: Nick Bolton, Creed Humphrey, Clyde Edwards-Helaire, Willie Gay, Lucas Niang, Mecole Hardman, Juan Thornhill & Khalen Saunders. A lot of starters and a few future Pro Bowlers.
  5. Andy Reid has been winning division titles, and going to championship games and Superbowls for 25 years with all sorts of players.
  6. The Chiefs assets, with the draft picks and the cap space both being most in the league, resemble a franchise on a rebuild year. Make no mistake, the Chiefs ARE rebuilding. But… they still have Pro Bowlers and future Hall of Famers in their prime on the field and on the sidelines. So they’re still going to win this year while rebuilding. Vegas isn’t shook, and if they aren’t shook, then you shouldn’t be either. KC is still favored — as of today — to not only win the AFC West, but still second best odds to win the AFC (Buffalo is the slight favorite) and third best odds to go to the Superbowl and win the whole thing. And THAT is how dynasties happen.
  7. Mahomes has only played 5 games without Tyreek Hill, but in those games, Mahomes has a passer rating of 103.1 with 1,737 yards (347 per game), 8 touchdowns and one interception.
  8. AFC West contenders have been building rosters, hiring coaches, changing game plans and generally investing a lot of time, money, draft picks and other resources to finally catch up to and stop a Chiefs team that had the skillset of Tyreek Hill. The Chiefs are doing something different now. And like we say here in the flyovers: “Ope.”
  9. If you’re still going to the games, Arrowhead is still going to be the loudest outdoor stadium in the world.
  10. The Chargers, Broncos and Raiders haven’t won squat in nearly 10 years. It will be a tremendous social experiment to see how they enjoy playing with expectations, being circled on calendars and being under a microscope by media. We’ll see how they handle December with a one-game lead or a must-win at Arrowhead flexed into prime time in Week 18.

There’s 10 random thoughts that should make you feel better. And if they do, share this with your depressed friend that just dropped $200 seven months ago on a new Tyreek jersey. If these 10 random thoughts didn’t make you feel better, read the photo captions — no lies detected.