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Travis Kelce praises Caleb Williams: The Next Patrick Mahomes for the Chicago Bears

Chiefs’ Travis Kelce draws comparisons between Caleb Williams and Patrick Mahomes, highlighting Williams’ game-changing mentality reminiscent of the star quarterback.

With the numbers

  • Completion percentage: Mahomes 63.5%, Williams 66.9%
  • Passing yards: Mahomes 11,252, Williams 10,082
  • Passing Touchdowns: Mahomes 93, Williams 93
  • Interceptions: Mahomes 29, Williams 14
  • Rushing yards: Mahomes 845, Williams 966
  • Rushing touchdowns: Mahomes 22, Williams 27

Yes, but

Immediate success in the NFL doesn’t define a player’s entire career, as seen with Mahomes taking time to excel, indicating the same could be true for Williams.

game state

  • Williams has quickly secured the QB1 position for the Bears, indicating high expectations.
  • Kelce’s endorsement of Williams adds weight to the comparisons to Mahomes.

What follows

Williams’ performance in the NFL will be closely watched for validation of the comparison to Mahomes and his potential impact on the Bears’ fortunes.

bottom line

Travis Kelce’s endorsement of Caleb Williams as a Patrick Mahomes-like switch, backed by college career parallels, sets high expectations for the rookie QB’s NFL journey and impact on the Chicago Bears.