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Week 13 NFL Draftkings Advice

Quietbow’s Calls –  NFL WEEK 13 DRAFTKINGS – 

What up everyone, Let’s win some $$!


(Do want to note this article is Focusing on DraftKing’s main “Sunday slate” games. So you won’t see TNF, SNF, MNF, plays) 


Week – 12 – Recap: Well hopefully you all read this article last week, Baker stack was the nut play. Also, Fitz and Darnold had great games. Personally was close to a big payday but my Baker stack didn’t have Henry or Fournette in it. Pushing me down. Still walked away with a 1.7k profit. Onto week 13! Two more weeks left to Q, I got two $150 tickets to burn so we shall see. I’ll be playing Mahomes this week on my main line up.


Overview: This slate has quite a few options to pair up some nice QB and +2 skill players and the crazy part the top two guys I’m gonna list won’t even be that popular. Seem the industry is on Foles, Jamis, and Dalton. Have fun with that.

My top 3 stacks: 

P.Mahomes- ($7.4k) Pair with Hill, Watkins, Kelce, Darell Williams VS Oakland

  • I’ve talked about this play for two weeks now if you have listened to our podcast. Okay, your #1 pair will be with Hill. Start your lineup there and fill in any two of the guys listed above. Personally I’m going with three Chiefs to pair with Mahomes this week. With Damien Williams out it opens up the floodgate pass attack game for Mahomes and co. Personally I’m probably going Mahomes, Willams, Watkins, Hill. I will not play Shady this week if it burns me so be it.
  • If game flow concerns you, well listen to this. Chiefs are not gonna take the foot off the gas against the Raiders, and when they do, they should be up by 45. Andy Reid is crazy good coming off of byes. Mahomes is the healthiest he has been since week 1. Fire up with confidence. 
  • Only two Raiders I would do for a bring back would be J.Jacobs and Waller, the Chiefs CB’s actually have been playing pretty well. Bonus: Always play RB’s against KC its a thing.


L.Jackson  ($7k) Pair with Andrews, Ingram, Ravens D

  • What if I told you that 90% of users this weekend on Draftkings are not gonna play, Lamar. Pair him with only 1 of the above players listed above. He can also be played naked if you want to go that route. Regardless of what you think about the SF D, this is a matchup-proof play. Plus the rushing upside he brings is unrivaled by any player in the NFL from a fantasy football perspective. Lock him in, pair with one player, don’t worry about a bring back on this one.



J.Goff($6k) Pair with C.Kupp, R.Woods or Cooks, T.Higbee 

  • Also going to go virtually unowned this weekend, let’s not forget Arizona is a shiv for FFPG for opposing QB. Especially in the slot and TE is how you attack ARI all season especially in the first 10 weeks. Did everyone forget this? With the Everett news being out that he isn’t going to play its gonna bump Higbee a hair over woods for me. I would pair Goff with Kupp + Higbee. If you wanna go for the home run put in either Woods or Cooks with Kupp and Higbee. 

Also, consider:

Aaron Rodgers ($6.5k) – Pair with Adams/A.Jones

  • Going crazy overlooked this week. D. Adams isn’t but Rodgers is falling through the cracks this week. Last time he faced a bad secondary he put up 45, same scenario this week. 


Sub 1% Stacks (if you wanna get crazy) = 

  • D.Lock – C. Sutton, T. Patrick.