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Week 14 Draftkings Advice

Quietbow’s Calls –  NFL WEEK 14 DRAFTKINGS – 

What up everyone, Let’s win some $$!


(Do want to note this article is Focusing on DraftKing’s main “Sunday slate” games. So you won’t see TNF, SNF, MNF, plays) 


Week – 13 – Recap: Not a good week, Really overlooked the PHI/MIA game plus a lot of chalk hit. Most of my money was tied up in Mahomes and routing of the raiders didn’t put a huge fantasy day up.

Overview: This slate is packed with 13 games which is great. Driving ownership down across the board. Nothing is off-limits this week. I will be playing 6 lineups this week but ill focus my main three stacks here. I think the way to crack the code this week will be focused on some heavy game stacks while everyone else will be spread out. Some of my favorite games this week are: KC/NE, CLE/CIN, NYJ/MIA, JAX/LAC

My top 3 stacks: 

P.Mahomes- ($7k) Pair with Hill, Kelce, Edelman, White

  • Coming in at around 9% owned and for good reason as most don’t want to pick on NE on the road. There are two outcomes as far as game-flow goes. First, we have a shootout and that what we are hoping for here. Second is what we don’t want to happen. Sony Micheal ground and pound to keep Mahomes on the sidelines. Let’s pray the first one happens.
  • Here is where it gets tricky is stacking it. Personally I like going all-in with Hill/Kelce and Edelman/White and just stacking the whole game. The one player that you could drop is Kelce mainly because of the value of Doyle and Ian Thomas. Plus Gilmore should be shadowing him all game. 
  • Lastly, I would make sense to pair Mahomes with one RB, Shady or Thompson but its high risk. In doing so don’t play any WR/TE with Mahomes and take that risk out it and just take the points from Mahomes and call it a day.



B.Mayfield  ($6.k) OBJ, Landry, Chubb, Mixon or Byode 

  • This has been my gut call all week. Browns at home tend to show their stuff and run up the score and the only teams they can do that against are a bad one. Well, guess what CIN is right there with Miami. I’m expecting a repeat of what we saw two weeks ago. The best part about it is Baker is coming in around 5% owned. I’ll be pairing him with three Browns listed above, you could do Hunt but his price is definitely crept up but if you wanna get some ownership leverage off of Chubb, you could go that way. Byode or Mixon are great bring backs you can play both.



S.Darnold($6k) Powell, Crowder, Anderson, D.Parker

  • Let’s keep picking on Miami, shall we? Lev Bell is out opening up the floodgate on B.Powell. Miami is bad, let’s not forget that. You know where the ball is going in this game. Stack Sam with Powell, Crowder, Anderson and bring it back with Parker.
  • If you wanna play these two way I also like Fitz on the other side, you could reverse this stack on another lineup with Fitz, Parker, Gieseke or Laird then bring it back with Powell, Crowder, Anderson, pick one or two. 


Also, consider:

Aaron Rodgers ($6.8k)w/ Adams

D. Watson (6.4k) – w/ Fuller, D.Johnson, bring back with Sutton. Or D.Lock, Sutton, Fuller (Milly Play)

P.Rivers (5.6k) w/ Ekler, Allen, bring back with Fournette. 


Cheat Sheet: AKA my favorite plays:

RB: CMC, Cook, Henry, Jacobs, Chubb, Fournette, Gordon, Freeman, Mixon, Powell, 

WR: Edelman, Adams, Julio, Hill, OBJ, Landy, DJ Moore, Allen, Boyd, Kirk, P.Cambell, Fuller, Golladay, M.Jones, Sutton, J.Washington, Crowder, Anderson, Parker

TE: Kelce, Hooper, Doyle, Ian Thomas

DST: Jets, Ravens, SF, TB, KC

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