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Week 8: Showtime Showdown – Chiefs vs. Packers

The Chiefs Defense came to play last week, having their way with the Broncos Offense — racking up 9 sacks and holding them to 6 points on the night. If it wasn’t for a Mahomes injury, it would’ve been a flawless night. Final score: Chiefs 30 Broncos 6.

Luckily for us, the Chiefs have an incredible medical staff and our QB is damn near inhuman so he is recovering at an extreme speed. Mahomes has already returned to practice and will be back on the field in no time, just not this week. This week we face the 6-1 Green Bay Packers.  

Vegas predicts the Packers to win by 5 and Aaron Rodgers was insane last week — throwing 5 touchdowns to 5 different receivers and running 1 in, leading to a massive GB victory and to some nice winnings for anyone smart enough to roster him on DraftKings, but I have faith in Andy Reid, our defense, and the screaming fans of Arrowhead to keep Rodgers in check. Offensively, we may be without the magician Patrick Mahomes this week, but Matt Moore has the arm and the weapons to get it done. We witnessed it last week with a 57 yard touchdown to the Cheetah Tyreek Hill. And now Slammin’ Sammy Watkins is back, giving Moore yet another big weapon and target to throw to. I also anticipate more Lesean McCoy. He was more involved when Mahomes went out, and I see him as an instrumental part of the offensive scheme on Sunday night. The Packers have had trouble this season defending the run and tomorrow should be no different. That’s right, it’s Shady time!

I know it’s risky, but you may want to think about fading Rodgers and go with the GB RBs on the DraftKings Showdown slate. The Chiefs did much better last week, but that is still the weakest part of their game. If you want to go super contrarian, you may event want to roster both GB RBs.

My 3 DraftKings Showdown must plays:

Lesean McCoy (9900 CPTN/6600 FLEX)

Tyreek Hill (15000 CPTN/10000 FLEX)

Travis Kelce (13200 CPTN/8800 FLEX)

Aaron Jones (13800 CPTN/9200 FLEX) or Jamaal Williams (9600 CPTN/6400 FLEX) or both.

Go Chiefs!!