Travis Kelce

Eagles Stay Unbeaten, Travis’ “Biggest Catch” and New Football Eras | Ep 55

92 %ers, and probably a lot of you entering your “football era”, we are back with another episode of New Heights presented by our friends at Accelerator Active Energy!

In this episode, we break down the Eagles’ dominant win on Monday Night Football, how much better this Eagles D-line might be than last year, and the right time to go for the hurdle.

We also recap the most talked about 30-point win in the history of the NFL, the Chiefs’ big win against the Bears. We’ll get to why the Chiefs offense is finally clicking, Big Red’s career milestone, and we finally talk about it, Taylor Swift paid a visit to the Chiefs Kingdom.

Also, we answer some not-dumb football questions from the Swifties, try and figure out just how the Dolphins dropped 70 on the Broncos, and let you know if we would have kicked the record-breaking field goal.

This Friday we will be dropping our incredible episode with The Chiefs Chris “Stone Cold” Jones! The guys talk about everything from his new contract, his wardrobe malfunction at the combines, what he likes least about offensive linemen, and why he wants to get lined up against Tyreek Hill.

00:00 – Intro
01:30 – Spork Update
5:10 – Chris Jones Announcement
6:00 – Eagles/Bucs Recap
12:10 – Eagles Defense
16:25 – Art of Hurdling
25:29 – Chiefs/Bears Recap
30:17 – Big Red Milestone
31:51 – New Heights (Taylor’s Version)
41:21 – Football Era
49:07 – Mercy Field Goals
56:00 – Stamp of the Week
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