Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes’ high school coach shares his love

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Even the casual NFL fan knows that Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is one of the best and most electrifying quarterbacks in the league.

The former MVP is must-see TV and Adam Cook was the quarterbacks coach at Whitehouse High School in Texas when he met Mahomes.

Mahomes was in 5th grade and known for his talents on the baseball diamond. Still, Cook says it was easy to see that Mahomes had greatness in him by the way he carried himself.

Cook says Mahomes had options because not only was he a very gifted football player, but he was also a great basketball player.

In fact, Mahomes didn’t become Whitehouse High School’s starting quarterback until his freshman year. Mahomes had to fight to become the starting signal against one of his high school classmates and good friends.

Cook says Mahomes was a fierce competitor and that during his time at Whitehouse, he and the quarterback developed a strong relationship.

“It was a different relationship. It’s a special relationship. It’s based on trust,” Cook says.

Even after Mahomes left high school, he and Cook stayed in touch.

“I text him every morning, he knows I’m here,” Cook says. “Patrick knows where I am. I know where he is. I love this kid. I’ll be watching TV and I’ll get a text, ‘Hey, you’re about to get a shout-out,’ and I turn on the TV and hear my name” .

Cook says what impresses him most about Mahomes is the way he approaches the game and treats people.

“He’s a guy you can’t help but like because he makes everyone around him better,” Cook says.

Cook says Mahomes wasn’t sought after by Division I college football coaches at the time because he was also an outstanding baseball player.

Many coaches worried that he would choose baseball over football.

Not surprising because Patrick has professional baseball in his DNA. Cook says his father played baseball for the Texas Rangers and New York Mets.