Ranking Brett Veach’s player trades as Kansas City Chiefs GM – Arrowhead Addict

Kansas City Chiefs general manager Brett Veach has spent five years as Kansas City’s general manager. How do his trades in the span stack up?

A sign of a competent, contending football team is high-quality leadership. Luckily, the Kansas City Chiefs have that in general manager Brett Veach.

Veach took the role of GM before the 2017-2018 season commenced, and since then, the Chiefs have reached historical heights. A historic streak of AFC championship appearances, a Super Bowl win, and the blossoming of quarterback Patrick Mahomes have all happened under Veach’s watch.

While Veach may not be making in-game calls like head coach Andy Reid, he does have an integral role in the on-field product. He negotiated Mahomes’ contract, the largest in NFL history. He selected the team’s best recent draft class in 2021, with another strong class on the way in 2022. Sure, not every hit has been a home run, but Veach’s track record is very solid.

One important part of Veach’s job is overseeing personnel moves. Each NFL team has to replenish its roster each year, and Veach loves to utilize trades to do so. The Chiefs have performed 17 trades since Veach’s tenure began, to varying degrees of success and importance. All in all, the Chiefs have made some pretty impactful acquisitions via trade.

NFL teams move up all around the draft board before and during the NFL Draft. This list does not include Veach’s trades involving only draft picks, but analyzes his trading away and for players. Where do all of these trades stack up under Veach’s tenure?

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