Patrick Mahomes Commercial Highlights

If you haven’t noticed by now, NFL league advertisers are rushing to team up with Patrick Mahomes, the new face of the NFL. Not only is he promoted on game day, but you can likely see him in a commercial on tv almost any other day of the week. His athletic ability and newfound celebrity status have landed him several endorsement deals and he’s only getting started. Below you’ll find a list of our favorite commercials starring Patrick Mahomes. 

To get this party started, here are a few fan favorites.



Patrick Mahomes continues to highlight Adidas on a global level as an innovative partner on and off the field.


A heartwarming bedtime story read by Patrick Mahomes to his firstborn daughter is the BE WHO YOU ARE message that you need to hear.

State Farm

Patrick Mahomes continues to be the face of State Farm while even bringing in Coach Andy Reid into the mix.

Coors Light

So, the NFL has complicated rules that prohibit active players from endorsing alcoholic beverage brands, but that didn’t stop Coors Light from signing Patrick Mahomes up to endorse a flashlight.


Pat Mahomes was born to change the game, but don’t take Adidas’s word for it. Adidas went to Tyler, Lubbock, Phoenix and, Kansas City to talk with coaches, teammates, and fans.


In a few commercials, Mahomes shows off his no-look passing skills and strong throwing arm to promote Hy-Vee Aisles Online.


Helzberg Diamonds

Patrick Mahomes teamed up with Helzberg Diamonds to help others gift like an MVP during the holiday season. Helzberg Diamonds is selling an exclusive limited-edition collection of diamond pendant necklaces that feature Mahomes’ PMII logo. Proceeds from each purchase will go to Mahomes’ charitable foundation, 15 and the Mahomies.


The crew at CBS NFL Today created a mock commercial about Mahomes Syndrome that pokes fun of the many side effects the Mahomes’ no-look pass has on people.

Head & Shoulders

The former Pittsburg Steelers defensive legend Troy Polamalu teamed up with Mahomes in this commercial for Head & Shoulders. The two players are known for their great hair and the back and forth exchanges between the two are hair-larious!


Madden NFL 20 Launch

Not only did EA Sports put Mahomes on the cover of Madden 20, but they released a commercial trailer featuring him along with DJ Khaled. Mahomes also highlights a new Madden NFL 20 game feature by showing off his “bazooka” arm.

State Farm

Green Bay Packers quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, found a new Mahomie to star with him in State Farm commercials.



Goodcents celebrates 30 years of business by featuring Patrick Mahomes’ promoting hard work in this commercial.


In this highly visual commercial for Oakley, see the game through the eyes of Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes. Mahomes is the first person in NFL history to sign an endorsement deal with Oakley.

Amazon Web Services

To showcase NFL Next Gen Stats, powered by Amazon Web Services, Mahomes escapes defensive pressure and throws a touchdown in the corner of the end zone.


Hunt’s Ketchup

Mahomes’ love for ketchup landed him several Hunt’s commercial deals.

CommunityAmerica Credit Union

Powering the rise of Kansas City, CommunityAmerica Credit Union got things started with Patrick Mahomes in few commercials to promote their Chiefs Checking Accounts. In one spot, Mahomes throws a long bomb to a groundskeeper at Arrowhead Stadium. CommunityAmercia Credit Union credits the commercials featuring Mahomes for an increase in customers.