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Are you a Kansas City Chiefs fan looking to take your fandom to the next level? Do you love Daily Fantasy Football and want to share your insights with other DraftKings players?

What if you could combine these two passions? What if we could help you tell stories about the Chiefs’ biggest moments and use those stories to promote your own content and winnings on DraftKings? That’s the idea behind our contributor program. We’re always looking to build relationships with new freelance writers who can help us tell stories about the Chiefs both on and off the field—and if that sounds like something you’d be interested in doing, this is a great opportunity for you!

Showtime Fantasy Football is looking for passionate Chiefs fans and/or DraftKings players to write about their experiences. We have an amazing publishing platform, a strong brand, excellent training, and a group of dedicated fans. As we continue to grow, we are looking for new writers who can help us tell the Chiefs’ story. We are open to new voices and ways of telling the story – whether it’s through a detailed play-by-play breakdown or strong visual storytelling. If you’re looking to start a media-focused career, or are just a passionate Chiefs or DraftKings player looking to advance the conversation, there isn’t a better place to start than here. We’ll take pitches for opinion columns, detailed team or DraftKings analysis, interviews, and anything else you might dream up related to the Kansas City Chiefs, Patrick Mahomes, and Daily Fantasy Football.

If you love fantasy football, you’ll love making a name for yourself as a DraftKings expert. The opportunities are endless. We know that the Daily Fantasy Football experience is unique for every player, and we want to share those stories with the other players. But there are also so many interesting stories from the other side of the coin: what happens when you win big on DraftKings? What are some of the challenges people face when they play DFS? How does it feel when your team wins or loses? What does it mean for you as a fan? Our goal is to help create a space for writers who can tell these stories about both sides of this experience—the winners and losers alike—and help others understand what it means to be part of this community. This is an excellent opportunity to grow your portfolio and learn from top-notch editors while engaging with other DraftKings players each week of the NFL season.

To apply, just fill out the form below and submit your writing samples along with any questions you may have. Typically, site contributors write at least once a week on topics of their choosing, although alternative arrangements can be worked out with the site manager. In addition to writing regularly, contributors may also recruit other writers. Contributors may also potentially help with social media promotion, copy editing, publishing, or other site duties.